Financial wellness products built for the service industry

Using the power of technology, innovation & gratitude, peppermint aims to financially empower every individual and business within the hospitality industry.

Serving businesses like yours

Who is Peppermint the perfect fit for?

Restaurants & Bars

Give patrons a memorable experience with enhanced digital solutions.

Hotels & Valets

Tailored solutions for hotel & valet businesses for your teams & guests.

All Hospitality Businesses

We service all hospitality businesses with custom solutions built for you.

"Our restaurant's efficiency has skyrocketed. Orders process faster with the POS system, and kitchen management is smoother. Contactless payments add convenience for happier customers."

Jane - Restaurant Manager

"Peppermint's software revolutionized our hotel operations. The mobile app feature boosted guest satisfaction, while seamless integration streamlined staff tasks, enhancing the overall guest experience."

Dan - Hotel Operations

Food & beverage applications

Consumer Mobile App

  • Place food and drink orders
  • View digital menus from one place
  • Call server assistance
  • Make payments easily

Management Software

  • Manage cash registers & calculating machines
  • Manage restaurant systems
  • Manage payroll and tip distribution

Point-of-Sale Systems (POS)

  • Process transactions
  • Manage POS terminals
  • Contactless transactions via card readers
  • Manage food orders and food preparations

Hotel & hospitality solutions


Branded content

Match all collateral with your brand for seamless integrations.

Collect tips digitally

Working alongside cash tips, digital tips unlock a new way for your team to get tipped for the service they deliver to guests.

Ratings and reviews

Receive reviews in real-time, allowing teams and management to gain insights into the performance of their properties.


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